Spring expedition for herring

Spring expedition for herring

This spring we managed to work in the area of Chupa Bay in the White Sea. We can say that here, in the Kandalaksha Bay, spring, perhaps, begins with herring spawning. The Pacific herring mainly lives here, its special form is Yegoryevskaya. This is a unique population – of all herring, it is the most cold-resistant. It usually begins to spawn at freezing temperatures under ice, and its eggs develop longer than other populations of Pacific herring – about 30-50 days. These are relatively small fish – about 15-20 cm long. It is interesting that in its genome there are also Atlantic herring’s, which can also spawn in the White Sea, although this happens very rarely – no one has observed it spawning. In the White Sea, herring alongside with stickleback live in open waters and are competitors. Therefore, it is of particular interest to us.

Ph.: D. Lajus


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