…to the website of our research group on threespine stickleback of the White sea! Our team consists of specialists in various scientific fields from Russia and other countries.

Why are we studying such a small, spiny and inedible fish?

This question is often asked not only by common people, but even by our colleagues. Here are some reasons why:
Threespine stickleback is the most numerous fish in the White sea at the moment, playing a key role in the ecosystem;
Stickleback spawns near the shore, where the male guards his nest and offspring, making this fish easily available for researchers;
Stickleback’s abundance drastically increased last quarter of century due to the Arctic warming, resulting in change of the entire ecosystem;
Quantitative assessment of its abundance is possible with very simple methods;
Stickleback is not fished and thus its dynamics is caused by natural factors as well as dynamics of the entire ecosystem of the clean White Sea.

All of these and other reasons make stickleback a perfect object for scientific research in the field of ecology and more.

Stickleback science

Our projects

Study of stickleback provides wide opportunities for cooperation among scientists and students with different interests. And cooperation like this, by its’ synergistic effect, promotes the creation of new ideas and scientific results of a high level.

We invite you to study with us this incredible small fish and ecosystems where it lives!