Stickleback Day-2022: Day Two

Stickleback Day-2022: Day Two

On February 26-27, the IX international seminar “Stickleback Day-2022” took place! We publish the topics of the reports of the second day.

🐟Elena Rybkina (ZIN RAS): Interannual and spatial variability in the composition of juvenile stickleback parasites in the White Sea

🐟Pavel Golovin (Saint Petersburg University (SPBU)): Features of the distribution of metacercariae Cryptocotyle spp. in juveniles and adults of threespine stickleback in coastal biotopes of the White Sea in summer

🐟Tatiana Ivanova (SPBU): Review of available data on juveniles of the White Sea threespine stickleback

🐟Alexey Rolskiy (PINRO, Murmansk): Determination of sex in juvenile threespine stickleback by methods of molecular genetic analysis

🐟Tatiana Ivanova (SPBU): Larval-plankton surveys

🐟Dmitry Lajus (SPBU): Counting herring eggs in the spawning grounds of Chupa Bay

🐟Mikhail Ivanov (SPBU): Plans for expedition work in winter and summer, in the Baltic and the White Sea (discussion and plans correction)

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