Stickleback Day-2022: Day One

Stickleback Day-2022: Day One

On February 26-27, the IX international seminar “Stickleback Day-2022” was held, which was conducted on the Zoom platform. Researchers from different countries and cities came together again to discuss scientific work on the fish of the White, Barents and Baltic Seas, new research methods, achievements and plans for the future. We publish the topics of the reports of the first day.

🐟 Pavel Mikheev (Perm State University): Microchemistry of otoliths

🐟 Nikolay Bardukov (the A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Moscow): Phylogeography of the threespine stickleback – results and prospects

🐟 Tatiana Ivanova (Saint Petersburg University): Coastal and pelagic monitoring of the threespine stickleback in the summer period

🐟 Charlie Guffens (Haute Ecole Charlemagn, Belgium): Analysis of the fish growth using reverse charge

🐟 Ekateria Nadochii (SPBU): Analysis of the stickleback color

🐟 Anna Podlevskikh (SPBU): Threespine stickleback cannibalism

🐟 Evgeny Genelt-Yanovskiy (ZIN RAS): Video observations BRUV (baited-remote underwater video)

🐟 Daniil Tashbaev (SPBU): Migration and distribution of stickleback in Yushkovka Bay (White Sea)

🐟 Sabrina Sadiekh (University of Petrozavodsk): Using neural networks to analyze video materials and process results

🐟 Tatiana Ivanova (SPBU): Current state of monitoring coastal fish communities

🐟 Danila Melentiev (SPBU): Feeding of the European sculpin in the White Sea

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