On March 30, Dmitry Lajus was invited to Channel 78 of St. Petersburg television to deliver a lecture in the program “Extracurricular Reading” live. The lecture “The Fish We Eat” turned out to be very interesting and informative, and we highly recommend it to you for watching!
Dmitry also shared with us his impressions of this event. Read more at the link.

The third lecture of the webinar Stickleback Day-2021 – “Stickleback in trophic chains”. It is dedicated to feeding of threespine stickleback and its’ role in feeding of some predatory fish in the coastal ecosystems of the White Sea.

Stickleback spends most of its life in the open waters. During spawning, it moves to the coast, where adult individuals spend a month or two, and juveniles – the first several weeks of their live. Thus, stickleback is included in coastal communities, being food for predators and eating plankton and benthos. The speakers are step by step discussing trophic connections of stickleback from the higher trophic level to the lower trophic level while sticklebacks are staying in coastal waters.

Lecturers – Anna Demchuk & Anastasiia Zelenskaia.

On the YouTube channel “Multifaceted Science” a video of the lecture by Dmitry Layus “The history of marine fisheries and the dynamics of populations of commercial fish in the northern seas of Russia” has been published. It focuses on the study of the fisheries history, that is important for understanding the past of marine ecosystems and identifying the factors that affect the populations of certain species.