In April this year, we took part in the VI All-Russian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists “Comprehensive Studies of the World Ocean” (KIMO-2021). The event was held both in person and online. We chose to participate online, but it turned out to be just as fun! We listened to many interesting reports of undergraduate and graduate students on marine biology, geology and ocean physics. The participants’ speeches can be viewed in the conference’s Vkontakte group.

Four works from our team were presented:

  • Demchuk A.S., Polyakova N.V., Ivanov M.V., Ivanova T.S., Lajus D.L. Comparative analysis of the feeding pattern of three-spined stickleback (Gastersteus aculeatus L.) in pelagic and coastal zones of the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea during the summer.
  • Zelenskaia A.E., Nadtochiy E.V., Ivanova T.S., Ivanov M.V., Demchuk A.S., Lajus D.L. Annual dynamics of fish feeding in  the eelgrass beds (Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea).
  • Nadtochii E.V., Saveliev P.D., Panitsina V.A., Demchuk A.S., Ivanov M.V., Ivanova T.S., Genelt-Yanovskiy E.A., Lajus D.L. Underwater interval surveys as a tool for studying  abundance and behavior of fish on the example of the water area of Keretsky archipelago of the White Sea.
  • Podlevskikh A.L., Demchuk A.S., Ivanov M.V., Ivanova T.S., Lajus D.L. Cannibalism of threespine stickleback (Gastersteus aculeatus L.) during spawning in the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea.

Thesis can be found by the link (Russian).

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