The 9th International Marine Research and Education Conference (MARESEDU – 2020) was held from 26 to 30 October. This year, due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, it was held online for the first time, but this did not prevent it from being as full and interesting as always, if not even more than usual – both the poster session and oral presentations were held on a full scale, and this year people from other cities and even countries could take part in the conference! Despite the difficulties of transitioning to the new format and connection problems for some of the participants, the organizers performed their work brilliantly.

This year one report was presented from our scientific group:

Smirnova K.A., Demchuk A.S., Ivanov M.V., Ivanova T.S., Lajus D.L. Feeding interactions of threespine stickleback (Gasterousteus aculeatus L.) with other fish species in the coastal area of the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic sea.

For Ksenia Smirnova, this was the first oral presentation at an official conference. Congratulations!

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