Winter expedition-2021: hard work

Winter expedition-2021: hard work

Greetings from the winter expedition!

In the icy expanses of the White Sea fearless members of our project – Tatyana and Mikhail Ivanovs, Anna Demchuk, Natalia Polyakova and Evgeniy Genelt-Yanovskiy are working tirelessly! They are being helped by their faithfull companions: Kolya the fish, Dina the dinosaur and Bucho the scottish bull! After working in the Koliushkovaya lagoon, thay have caught herring and collected plankton samples! That was the first catch of 2021!

Ph.: A. Demchuk, E. Genelt-Yanovskiy

In this video we will show you how we built up our stereo video system consisted of PVC pipes and action cameras. This sophisticated construction will be used to searching for different fish species which can be encountered in winter season (both abundant and rare). Waiting for interesting findings!

A short timelapse video on what our participants do on ice! It seems to us, that the higher is the video speed, the more people’s movements remind a dance! Actually, drilling holes is a time and power consuming activity, which requires good physical practice and strong health.

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