The bird’s-eye beauty

The bird’s-eye beauty

Dear colleagues, we have good news!

Now the section “Interesting” is working on our website, where we have placed a panorama of our Marine Biological Station of the St. Petersburg State University and the adjacent water areas and territories. In this region, we are conducting most of our research on stickleback.

Agree, the places are awesome? Still, the northern nature is fascinating… One wants to return there again and again, especially on such a sunny day.

Here is how, for example, our department looks like in the panorama:

The creators of this wonderful panorama are Stepan Neverovsky, who, together with Pavel Glazkov and Dmitry Skobelev, participated last year in the filming of a film about our project. The panorama was shot on June 17, 2019 by a drone from a height of 220 m.

Stay tuned, friends! We plan to continue to fill this section with other very exciting content! 🙂

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