Successful postgraduation of our colleagues

Successful postgraduation of our colleagues

Writing a thesis is hard work, but none of us is in it alone. Helping each other is a much more important part of science than any scientific achievements. In our team you can always be sure that no matter how busy is the work season or how occupied everyone is, there always will be someone who will help you, and then you will help someone else yourself. 

Three of our PhD students successfully defended their thesises:

1. Anna S. Demchuk. Feeding of three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.) in the White Sea.

2. Anastasiia E. Zelenskaia. Size- and age-related changes in feeding of fish in the coastal area of the Kandalaksha Bay, the White Sea.

3. Ahmed S.A. Dorgham. Sexual Dimorphism of Morphological Traits of Marine Threespine Stickleback of The White Sea.

Their supervisor was Dmitry L. Lajus.

We are congratulating all of them with completing another important stage of their scientific life!

White Sea Stickleback team

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