8th Stickleback Day was held on February 20

8th Stickleback Day was held on February 20

For the 8th year in a row, at about this time, the seminar of our project is being held – the Stickleback Day. This year it took place on 20 February. Like so many things lately, it was unusual – online. In this regard, we did not have any spatial restrictions on the composition of the participants, and several famous researchers of stickleback biology from different countries took part in the seminar – Jun Kitano from Japan, Jolle Jolles from Germany, Johan Eklof from Sweden and Andrew Hendry from Canada. Their messages covered various aspects of stickleback biology – convergent evolution, behavior under experimental conditions, population dynamics in the Baltic Sea, field experiments in Alaska. This was in the second part of the workshop.

And in the first session, one and a half hour information about our project was given, mainly aimed at new students and participants. This seminar, in addition to the speakers, was attended by 21 more people from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk, as well as Belgium, Japan, Canada, Palestine. Thus, both the geography and the topics of our seminar have greatly expanded, and this should contribute to the further successful development of our project. And besides, we have been enriched with valuable communication experience under the current restrictions.

We will soon publish the recordings of the lectures on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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