From 19 to 22th of November the VII International Conference Marine Research and Education: MARESEDU — 2018 has been held in Moscow. Three presentations from members of our group were presented.

Oral presentations:
1) Bakhvalova A.E., Ivanova T.S., Ivanov M.V., Demchuk A.S. Lajus D.L. Spatial heterogeneity of mass fish’s feeding in the coastal areas of Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea
2) Demchuk A.S., Ivanov M.V., Ivanova T.S., Polyakova N.V., Lajus D.L. Particular qualities of three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.) feeding during the spawning period in the Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea

And a poster presentation:
Smirnova K.A, Golovin P.V., Ivanov M.V., Ivanova T.S., Lajus D.L. Population dynamics and natural mortality of three-spine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus L. during the spawning period.

Local Moscow press were so impressed with Ksenia’s poster that they were persuading her for an interview that she has kindly agreed to and told about her research and impressions about the conference (she is pictured on the photo with her classmate K. Lisitsina). For her this was her debut at the official scientific conferences. And at the end of the conference our Moscow colleagues told us, that they really liked our presentations. 

The trip has been financed by a RFBR youth grant, whose head is our colleague P.V. Golovin.

Ph.: Dmitry Lajus

Authors: D.L. Lajus and A.E. Bakhvalova

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