Happy birthday, Tatiana Ivanova!

Happy birthday, Tatiana Ivanova!

Today Tatyana Ivanova celebrate her birthday! She has been participating in the project from the very beginning and now plays an important role in it. She takes part in the processing of all our data – from the moment it is collected to publication and maintains our database. She is our chief specialist in fishing gear, and she not only successfully uses them, but also makes and even invents them. And this is very important, given that before us in the White Sea no one specially caught stickleback. For example, the latest achievement in this area – the development of a methodology for quantifying stickleback in open waters – is entirely an achievement of Tatyana together with Mikhail Ivanovs.

Her wonderful sense of humor and optimism help maintain a supportive atmosphere throughout the project. We wish her health, great luck and success in all areas of her life, assertiveness in achieving goals, fulfillment of all dreams and just HAPPINESS.

Photo by Dmitry Lajus and Anna Demchuk

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