Happy birthday, Mikhail Ivanov!

Happy birthday, Mikhail Ivanov!

Today is the birthday of the key member of our project Mikhail Ivanov!

His involvement frames our project in both scientific and organizational sense.  Mikhail is interested in the interaction of stickleback with macrophytes, other fishes, and environment in a broader perspective. Mikhail organizes most of our field trips and teaches us not only how to work productively in the scientific sense, but also how to salt fish and cook deliciously even in an expedition conditions, and how to maintain a good mood in the team!

We hope that he will always be as strong-spirited and good-natured as he is now, and always be surrounded by good and reliable friends!
We have a lot of photos with Mikhail, and tried to show the best ones here.

White Sea Stickleback team

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