Working on the Baltic Sea. Round 2.

Working on the Baltic Sea. Round 2.

It’s time to repeat our 2-days long trip along the shore of the Gulf of Finland! We conduct the evaluation of coastal fish communities to track the processes that happen there during the sticklebacks’ entire stay near the shore. This time we have encountered mostly stickleback’s fry, as the spawning has already passed and the adults already depart back to the open sea. On the first day we went north, just like the last time. We got lucky with weather again, but due to the strong wind that raised waves no member of the expedition stayed dry.

On the second day we headed out with our expedition to the southern part of the Gulf of Finland with two cars of people. When this many people are working, work goes fast and easy, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of summer nature. Besides stickleback, we caught quite a few various cyprinid and percid fish. Now we will return to the Gulf of Finland in August.

Ph.: Anna Demchuk and Ksenia Smirnova

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