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Working on the Baltic Sea

It’s time to repeat our 2-days long trip along the shore of the Gulf of Finland! We conduct the evaluation of coastal fish communities to track the processes that happen there during the sticklebacks’ entire stay near the shore. This time we have encountered mostly stickleback’s fry, as the spawning has already passed and the adults already depart back to the open sea. On the first day we went north, just like the last time. We got lucky with weather again, but due to the strong wind that raised waves no member of the expedition stayed dry.

On the second day we headed out with our expedition to the southern part of the Gulf of Finland with two cars of people. When this many people are working, work goes fast and easy, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of summer nature. Besides stickleback, we caught quite a few various cyprinid and percid fish. Now we will return to the Gulf of Finland in August.

Ph.: Anna Demchuk and Ksenia Smirnova

Our Facebook page

Dear friends!

We are pleased to present you our new Facebook page.

We invite not only biologists, but everyone who is interested in the marine life, the life and work of people who study the sea. Our team will be glad to your attention and interest in our work. Come in, we will try to make you interested!

White Sea Stickleback team

Hello world! 👋 😄We are the research group working at the White Sea, mostly with the threespine stickleback. Our team…

Опубликовано Three little spines in the White sea Суббота, 27 июня 2020 г.

Successful postgraduation of our colleagues

Writing a thesis is hard work, but none of us is in it alone. Helping each other is a much more important part of science than any scientific achievements. In our team you can always be sure that no matter how busy is the work season or how occupied everyone is, there always will be someone who will help you, and then you will help someone else yourself. 

Three of our PhD students successfully defended their thesises:

1. Anna S. Demchuk. Feeding of three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.) in the White Sea.

2. Anastasiia E. Zelenskaia. Size- and age-related changes in feeding of fish in the coastal area of the Kandalaksha Bay, the White Sea.

3. Ahmed S.A. Dorgham. Sexual Dimorphism of Morphological Traits of Marine Threespine Stickleback of The White Sea.

Their supervisor was Dmitry L. Lajus.

We are congratulating all of them with completing another important stage of their scientific life!

White Sea Stickleback team

Ekaterina Nadtochii is a Master now

Today oyr dear colleague Ekaterina Nadtochii had a successful defense of her Master thesis! Congratulations to her and wishes of a great luck in her science and other beginnings!

Thesis title: “Fishes in the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea: spatial distribution, population characteristics and long-term dynamics”. Supervisor – Dmitry L. Lajus

White Sea Stickleback team

We are starting our work in the White sea in 2020

Mikhail Valerievich and Tatyana Soslanovna Ivanovs courageously carry out work on the study of the stickleback of the White Sea. They are assisted by Vyacheslav Evstigneev (Kazan State University). Boats lowered, rafts set. Standard non-aquatic fees for seasonal monitoring were carried out, and an attempt was made to fish in the open part of the sea with a trawl. So far, everything is successful 🙂

Ph: Tatiana S. Ivanova

Pavel Saveliev is a Master now

09.06.2020 the defense of the master’s thesis of our colleague Pavel Saveliev took place.

The event was a success. Congratulations to Pavel and wish him success in his further scientific work! Now he wears the proud title of Master.

Thesis title: “Using time-lapse cameras in studies of three-spined sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeates at spawning sites in the Keret Archipelago, the White Sea”. The supervisor is Mikhail Valeryevich Ivanov, as well as Genel-Yanovsky Evgeny Alexandrovich oversaw the course of the study.

White Sea Stickleback team

Field season-2020 is already openned

Summer field season has been opened on the Baltic sea, where we also study stickleback and its interactions with other fish, mostly dietary ones.
We planned to travel along the shore of entire part of Gulf of Finland that is situated in Russia’s territory from north to south, taking samples at 8 sites. We chose to start with northern part first, and we travelled as far as Primorsk. The weather was very nice, it was quite warm, and we met a lot of people despite the quarantine, who however stopped getting in our way after hearing a brief description of what we were doing – environmental monitoring.

On the next day we drove out to the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. The landscape there was somewhat different from the northern landscape, and you can see it on the photos. Moving through sand dunes, woods and reeds we visited 5 spots and took samples there. We were more lucky with our catch, and we saw way more animals (such as swans) and way less beachgoers. The water temperature went up to 19°C, it would be possible to open the beach season if not for our tight work schedule😎

Happy birthday, Anastasiia!

Today is the birthday of our wonderful colleague, an irreplaceable administrator of our site and just a good person – Anastiasiia Zelenskaia!

Without her all our work in the digital world would be just impossible, and workin the real world would be dull and joyless! It is not for nothing that she was born on the first day of summer, having absorbed such fresh greenery and cheerful sun!

In science, her area of interest is predatory fish feeding, as well as the lipid composition of stickleback, and now she is finoshing her PhD classes. We wish her good luck in the future defense, as well as success in all her scientific and other endeavors!

White Sea Stickleback team

Happy birthday, Mikhail Ivanov!

Today is the birthday of the key member of our project Mikhail Ivanov!

His involvement frames our project in both scientific and organizational sense.  Mikhail is interested in the interaction of stickleback with macrophytes, other fishes, and environment in a broader perspective. Mikhail organizes most of our field trips and teaches us not only how to work productively in the scientific sense, but also how to salt fish and cook deliciously even in an expedition conditions, and how to maintain a good mood in the team!

We hope that he will always be as strong-spirited and good-natured as he is now, and always be surrounded by good and reliable friends!
We have a lot of photos with Mikhail, and tried to show the best ones here.

White Sea Stickleback team

Happy birthday, Ahmed!

Today is the birthday of our dear colleague, Ahmed Dorgam!

Ahmed is our graduate student who came from Egypt to study the stickleback morphology, and has almost finished work on his dissertation. We wish him not only a happy birthday, but also successful defence, as well as good health and good festive mood!

White Sea Stickleback team

Our YouTube channel

We continue to conquer the Internet space and investigate new programs for us. Now we also have a YouTube channel!

We really want to share our knowledge with you and show how we see the science of stickleback. After all, it is beautiful.

Follw us on YouTube!

Nastya Zelenskaia

We are in Instagram!

Dear friends,

Now we are also on Instagram!

Let quarantine be in the country, work has stopped for many, all life has gone online, everything is developing very actively here and work has only increased! Personally, it inspires me a lot.

On our blog on Instagram, we publish beautiful photos, videos, interesting facts and news about us, and just try to please you with bright content. In general, we do everything so that you do not get bored during such a difficult period. Together we can handle everything!

Follow us and see you on Instagram!

Nastya Zelenskaia